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Letter: Obama’s criticism of homes ignores Palestinian killings

Obama’s criticism of homes ignores Palestinian killings

The recent New York Times article reprinted in the Oct. 7 Buffalo News on the Obama administration condemning Israel’s plan to build 98 housing units demonstrates a lack of understanding of what’s important on the part of our government.

For example, the recent State Department report on terrorism praised Palestinians for “improvement.” Omitted was the Palestinian law providing financial incentives for terrorists to kill as many Jews as possible based on the body count.

Contrary to what is right and good, the Palestinian Authority has rewarded and continues to hand out financial incentives for terrorist acts resulting in deaths. Our government has overlooked this perversity while reserving its harshest of criticisms for Israelis who build homes.

Truly our government has lost its sense of proportion and moral compass.

Elinor Weiss

East Amherst

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