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Letter: Clinton as president makes America less than great

Clinton as president makes America less than great

The election of Hillary Clinton will perpetuate and probably worsen everything many people hate about our bloated and dysfunctional government. She will make government grow bigger and more expensive with all of her “investment” ideas, many of which Obama has tried before and failed. Remember the “stimulus” that was targeted at infrastructure? Remember “shovel-ready jobs,” of which there were none.

Hillary said we will continue with Obama’s policies. We currently have anemic economic growth, open borders with constant illegal immigration and we fight wars that we don’t win. Our police are denigrated, we are constantly called racist, homophobes and Islamaphobes and we pay taxes to a government that squanders the money.

Also, with Hillary our country will have corruption at the highest level. You know those foreign contributors to the Clinton Foundation will want something in return.

The governmental and media elites have failed the past eight years. It’s time for “change.”

John Orlowski


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