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Letter: Affordable Care shows no care for struggling retirees

Affordable Care shows no care for struggling retirees

October seems to bring many surprises to the residents of Western New York, unusually warm weather, ice storms and sudden heavy snowfalls. This year October delivered a shocking surprise to the region’s retirees; a whopping price increase in the premium of Medicare Advantage Plans.

As one example of many different companies, Independent Health has dropped its zero premium plan with Part D coverage, replacing it with plans that range from $65 to $128 monthly premiums.

After inquiries as to why, it seems funds to Medicare Advantage have been cut because of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act requiring extra funding. This plan by Obama’s administration and supported by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to be causing economic pains to most segments of our society. Today it seems to be the retirees of Western New York. I’m also sure we can throw in a sprinkling of greedy insurance and pharmaceutical executives adding to the price increases.

I wonder if the president and all these bean counters and CEOs making millions in salaries and bonuses ever considered what an economic and financial burden these price increases would put on the shoulders of retirees!

Frank Sikorski

Board of Director


Taxpayers Assn. Inc.

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