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Letter: A third candidate could emerge to spoil the race

A third candidate could emerge to spoil the race

The presidential race has been like none other I can recall. And now for the icing on the cake. A third-party candidate, Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, will be on the ballot.

Many voters, especially the young who were Bernie Sander supporters, have flocked to Johnson. Hillary Clinton, with her fierce ambition to command the lofty post of the presidency, didn’t plan on Bernie’s popularity. It’s possible he actually surpassed her in the primary election. Rumors flew, after primaries in 21 states, of votes being altered in favor of Hillary.

A Democratic National Committee employee is thought to have leaked information about vote tampering, and another person served the DNC with a lawsuit for voter fraud. It’s amazing how at election time we become “counting disabled.” I think there’s a strong possibility voter fraud occurred, and even at the debate, Donald Trump asked Hillary what she did to Bernie. She looked annoyed but lacked a response. Bernie Sanders would have made a fine president. One we could admire, trust and respect. But his votes might have been stolen. The presidency isn’t supposed to be an appointment, but a race.

If votes were tampered with, Americans were denied their true choice, possibly prompting a third-party candidate to surface. I would like to see Bernie replace Hillary, if justified, in this important race. Many wounds could be healed. All this has left me wondering about our political future and if we are setting new standards for the selection process.

Judy Catalano


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