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Letter: Trooper’s actions seem bizarre and unjustifiable

Trooper’s actions seem bizarre and unjustifiable

Imagine my surprise reading of the incident along Ransom Road in Clarence involving a state trooper who stopped a pickup truck driver to check his registration and driver’s license. At the same time, a passing motorist suffered a medical emergency that resulted in his death.

The trooper continued his investigation of the trucker as the other motorist’s vehicle hit a utility pole. Had the trooper responded to the crash faster, who knows if the motorist could have received medical treatment to save his life? Or, what if there were other passengers in the vehicle and they were injured?

Surely, one would think that a human life is more important than checking a pickup truck driver for paperwork to prove he had not violated the state’s car registration laws. The pickup truck driver was not issued a ticket nor was he a suspect in a criminal event.

What makes the whole incident even more bizarre is a State Police spokesman who justified the troopers conduct in the incident: “… his safety and the safety of the vehicle pulled over is the top importance.” Say what? The safety and well-being of the driver of the sedan that hit the utility pole is of lesser importance? By what stretch of the imagination is the pulled-over trucker a menace to society? How important is the truck’s registration in the scheme of things?

I just don’t buy the spokesman’s justification for the trooper’s disregard for human life.

Philip Fanone

West Seneca

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