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Letter: Health insurance changes ignore customer preference

Health insurance changes ignore customer preference

It’s that time again to review our health insurance. I have Independent Health.

I first met my gynecologic oncologist Dec. 5, 2009, when I needed surgery for stage four ovarian cancer. I had followup appointments with him at his office for chemotherapy and routine followup visits.

In January 2013, he had joined CCS Oncology. I continued to have followup appointments with him. The following year, the cancer appeared again, along with multiple complications. He, along with his consultants, literally saved my life. And yes, I went through chemo again.

In January of this year, cancer showed its ugly face again. I have been going through chemo again and been in the hospital three times for complications. He saved my life again!

In June, I received a letter from Independent Health encouraging me to find a new oncologist because they will no longer have CCS in their network. Now, why would I change my oncologist when I have literally been saved by an oncologist that I have great faith and respect in, after all I have been through?

Sue Tomczyk


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