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Taking 'my shots' on issues concerning Billy Bush, 'SNL,' and the debates

It’s time for another one of my occasional blogs about issues that I’ve tweeted about recently.

Since it is hard to say everything you want to say in 140 characters, I expand on the tweets with more information:

Monday: I don’t see a need for a third debate. We know who they are. Don't need more ugliness.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Several hours after I wrote it, I heard CNN analyst David Gergen say pretty much the same thing.

Sunday: It is great. But wonder how many viewers knew it was a takeoff of a ‘Hamilton’ tune since you can’t get tix.

The tweet was referring to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s takeoff at the start of “Saturday Night Live” to the tune of “My Shot” from the Broadway hit “Hamilton.”

The tweet sparked several responses of disagreement, the best of which was this one: “I'm a Dutch guy from England who lives in Turkey and I know the song. people know, they have spotify, itunes.”

I hope he is right.

Sunday:  I don’t know how Trump or anyone knows who has hate in their heart.

This tweet was made during Sunday’s presidential debate after Republican nominee Donald Trump said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has heart in her heart. It was a bizarre statement.

Sunday: Anderson asked the question I tweeted to ask in the morning

Debate moderator Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he committed the sexual assault he bragged about to Bush in the 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape. Trump said no.

Hours earlier, I had tweeted:  Would be smart of Cooper or Raddatz to ask Trump in debate if he actually did the criminal things he said he did in video?

Sunday: I'd rather lose 5 yards than waste a timeout at this point

This came during the Bills-Rams game Sunday after quarterback Tyrod Taylor took a second half timeout as the play clock was winding down. Shortly after that, the Rams took two delay-of-game penalties and got first downs in the series anyway, proving my point.

Sunday: Every time Tate takes it out of end zone I ask why

Bills kickoff returner Brandon Tate might eventually break one to prove me wrong, but he doesn’t often get to the 25-yard line, where the Bills would get the ball if he just took a knee in the end zone.

Saturday: You know I am the forgiving kind of guy. I would suspend him until after the inauguration. Wouldn’t care if he were fired tho.

That was a response to a question raised by Channel 2 metoerologist Patrick Hammer about my thoughts about the status of “Today” team member Billy Bush after the release of the 2005 audio tape in which Trump was making crude remarks about women while on a bus with Bush.

My tweet was made before reports came out that Bush wasn’t popular with the “Today” staff and the network feared his cheerleading of Trump in the tape would damage the program with female viewers.

Bush reportedly is now in negotiations to exit the 9 a.m. hour of the program.

Some people have noticed the incongruity of Bush being forced to leave the NBC program, while Trump has avoided discipline and surveys indicate that his crude comments don’t seem to have hurt him with his base.

But NBC has the power to remove Bush and is worrying about its image and the potential viewership and monetary loss from keeping him on a program geared to women. The Republican Party can’t force Trump to leave the race and, even if the party fears he has hurt it with the comments, he clearly isn’t worried about the party’s image.

Saturday: If cousin Billy had told Jeb about tape, who knows who would have been GOP nominee. Billy did something Jeb, 2 prez couldn't: Destroy DJT

This is self-explanatory. Billy Bush is Jeb’s cousin.

Saturday: Colbert taped his Friday program on Thursday and led with Trump jokes that already seemed stale because of leaked tape.

Like David Letterman before him, Stephen Colbert tapes two shows one day of the week to get a long weekend. It backfired a little last Friday, when the big news about the Access Hollywood tape arrived and Colbert was telling Trump jokes that had aged in 24 hours.

Friday: It appears this tape is the equivalent of shooting someone on 5th Avenue

Addressing the leaked taped, this is an obvious reference to Trump’s earlier comment that he wouldn’t lose supporters even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue.  Once again, he appears to have been right.

Friday: NBC and Acc Hwood have explaining to do about trying to delay release of Trump tape until after the debate. If news, it is news immediately

Many media members were asking for the same explanation: How did NBC get scooped by the Washington Post, which only took about five hours from the time it received the tape to air it. NBC eventually said it delayed airing the tape because it was in the hands of its lawyers. That was a weak argument. But after the impact the tape had on Trump’s plans Sunday’s debate, I’m not so sure if it wouldn’t have been better for America if the tape hadn’t come out before the debate.

Tuesday, Oct. 4: Pence's Mexican line may get the most attention and not 4 a good reason

I was referring to Republican vice president nominee Mike Pence’s remark to Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine that he “whipped out that Mexican thing again” in the debate.

The line did get plenty of attention from Mexican-Americans and other people who felt it was insulting.

Saturday, Oct. 1:  Ok. Strong debate opening on SNL. But with all the material given by nominees, it was too big to fail

However, the opening sketch of “Saturday Night Live” on its second week featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump was even better than the one opening night.

Friday, Sept. 30: Someone told me to say something nice about Trump. His positive ad is pretty classy. There, I did it.

I have been impressed by the uplifting ads in Trump’s advertising campaign, not the negative ones questioning Clinton’s stamina.

Thursday, Sept. 29: Someone tell Donald that reportedly CNN had its highest quarterly ratings in 8 years

Trump repeatedly pounds on CNN, which actually is doing very well in the ratings despite his claim that it is doing poorly. On Sunday’s debate night, CNN had a higher rating locally than Fox News here, which doesn’t happen often.

Monday, Sept, 26:  Our airports are like a third world country. Gee I like the Buffalo airport.

Trump likes to use the third world country line a lot. Makes you wonder how often he travels around America.

Sunday, Sept. 25: Sweet end to Osgood's last show

I am going to miss Charles Osgood on CBS’ “Sunday Morning.” But Jane Pauley is the right replacement.


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