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'Snow? Is that snow?' Four days in October

Snow? Is that snow?

I can’t believe it’s snowing. It’s only Oct. 12.

I don't care. I’m not turning the furnace on. It’s only Oct. 12, for God’s sake.

Where did I put the snow brush?

I am driving on slush. On Oct. 12.

What the hell?

This is going to pass any minute now, right?

What a night to be looking out the window from the top floor of a 10-story building.

Wow. It’s still snowing.

“Mr. Andriatch? We’re not going to have class tonight, are we?”

“Of course we’re going to have class. It’s a little snow. Toughen up. Anyone here ever heard of the Blizzard of ’77?”

Is that thunder? OH MY GOD! Was that lightning? With snow?!

“On second thought, we’re going to leave a little early. Stay safe.”

Holy (mild expletive). I should have canceled class.

Why are the street lights off?

Good thing I found the snow brush.

Holy (bad, BAD expletive).

Don’t stop. Keep moving. Don’t stop. Keep moving.

Look at all these branches. Dear God. Is that a tree in the road?

“I can't believe I made it home, either. Are you guys OK? When did we lose power. Don’t open the refrigerator.”

“I know it’s cold. You can sleep with us. I don’t know. Use more blankets. Sleep in your clothes.”

“Because the power goes out sometimes during storms. It probably will come back on during the night.”

It’s weird to wake up and have no idea what time it is.

Still no power, but at least the sun is out.

Happy Birthday to me.

“Did anyone check the basement?”

Oh no.

“The basement is flooded! Somebody help me with these boxes!”

“Because we got all that snow and it’s melting and the sump pump doesn’t work without electricity.”

“I’m going to start filling buckets and empty them into the stationary tub. What else can we do?”

Geez. Everyone is outside.

“Hey! Do you guys have power? Neither do we. How’s your basement? Ours, too.”

“You have a generator? YOU WILL? Shawn, thank you so much. I’ll get our extension cord.”

He is the greatest neighbor in the world.

We need batteries. And gasoline. And as long as I’m already out, maybe some doughnuts.

“I’m gonna go try to find some batteries. I don’t know. I’ll drive until I can find something. Of course I’ll get doughnuts.”

Parts of Niagara County are untouched? Here we come, Niagara County.

“Do you guys have batteries? You do? You’re not going to for much longer.”

“Dad? Why did you buy a case of beer?”

“It’s for Mr. Wolcott. Because he is the greatest neighbor in the world. Also, he will like this more than a dozen roses.”

The basement flooded again. Where is this water coming from? I drain it and it’s all the way back to the furnace again a half-hour later.

Some birthday.

“No we don’t have internet access. I don’t know. Read the paper. No, I mean the actual paper. You do understand what I do for a living, right?”

The radio said tens of thousands are without power. It could be days.

I’m not gonna make it.

They canceled the homecoming dance? Good. Grab a bucket.

The basement just keeps filling up with water. I’m going to be up all night.

Knock, knock. “I’m so sorry, Shawn. I never thought I would be knocking on your door at 3 a.m. Can I plug in again?”

Knock, knock.

“Me again.”

Knock, knock.

“I’m so sorry. Now you know why I got you the beer.”

If I don’t get some sleep soon …

“We have to start getting these branches off the lawn. Go see how the neighbors are doing. I have to go get some more gasoline for Mr. Wolcott. Where’s the good bucket? Not that one; the good one.”

Just what I expected to be doing today: Trying to get water to boil on the grill.

“Yes I know you NEED tea.”

This has to end soon.

We’re going to have to find a generator.

Knock, knock.

“You were asleep? I’m so sorry.”

Knock, knock.

“You know you’re my favorite neighbor, right?”

I can’t keep sleeping in 15-minute shifts.

I hope God understands why I can't get to church.

“Hey Keith. Maybe we could split a generator. Chances are we’re never going to need it again after this is over, and if we do, we can share it.”

“You can borrow one? Yes, I like that idea much better. Because I’m a cheapskate, that’s why.”

The radio said power might not be back for weeks in some places.

“I’ll be dead by then.”

Is that a National Grid truck?

“Hey guys! Is the power coming back on?"

"Maybe." Chuckles.

Maybe. Funny. Have you seen what a lack of sleep does to a guy? Maybe …

Gasp! Is that light on?


Thank you, God! Sorry about church.

I can’t believe it snowed in October. I wonder how many people lost power.

I wonder if Shawn drank all that beer …


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