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Letter: Enlist business owners in keeping a busy road safe

Enlist business owners in keeping a busy road safe

I’ve traveled the stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard from the 290 that has been in the news far too often. I’ve gone through this stretch in the pre-dawn hours for nearly a decade going to work. We all have our opinions on what needs to be done to help eliminate some of these tragic accidents. I don’t believe the answer is lowering the speed limit, but enforcement would be a start.

I don’t believe more signals and crosswalks are the answer, either. Many of these accidents have been caused by pedestrians crossing against lights and not being in the crosswalk, but not all.

The one thing we all do agree with is the fact that the lighting issue needs to be addressed. I know traffic studies take time and move slowly.

I’m wondering if the town has thought about talking to business owners to ask for help. Maybe business owners would be willing to leave some lights on overnight to help in the interim.

Expensive but the right thing to do. I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to forgive themselves if they could have played a part in preventing another death.

Please think about this before it’s too late!

Nancy Weymer


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