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Reed doubles down on support for Trump

As top Republicans defect from Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, Rep. Tom Reed is doubling down on his support – even if without a lot of enthusiasm.

The Corning Republican late Monday issued another statement expressing his disapproval of recently exposed comments from 2005 in which the Manhattan billionaire bragged about inappropriate encounters with women. Reed called Trump’s actions “just plain wrong and I will not defend them.”

But on the day following a nationally broadcast debate, he also said a Hillary Clinton presidency is “unacceptable.”

“She is looking for a liberal Supreme Court to enact her agenda. She demonstrated extreme recklessness regarding classified information and risking American lives simply for her own personal convenience,” he said. “Most troublesome, she arrogantly believes she can publicly state one thing while privately carrying out a different agenda.

“We have to change the D.C. establishment,” he added, “so I continue supporting Donald Trump as an outsider who will shake up D.C.”

Reed, Rep. Chris Collins of Clarence and top party officials in the region and state all indicated over the weekend that they remain Trump supporters even as 16 U.S. senators pulled back. But Reed drew flak from John Plumb, the Democrat who continues to link his opponent to Trump. Over the weekend, Plumb noted that Reed is refusing to step down as a Trump campaign co-chairman in New York while others call for a change.

“It is clear that he made a self-serving political calculation that this is the best way to advance his Washington career and the special interests that he protects,” Plumb said. “This dangerous doublespeak of pretending to stand with victims while advancing a candidate that demeans women and promotes sexual violence is damaging to our entire country.”


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