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New UB seminars, from ‘What Is Feminism?’ to ‘Drowning in Data’

A sampler of new UB seminars

The University at Buffalo now requires freshman and first-year transfer students to take one of 170 seminars designed to inspire intellectual curiosity while also introducing to the students the skills they need to succeed in college. Here’s a sample of the courses with brief descriptions.

“The Ancient World in the Movie” – explores the representation of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds in modern cinema, focusing on films made between 1960 and now.

“The Exploding Piano” – analyzes the piano as a historical laboratory for musical experimentation.

“Walking Dictionaries” – examines questions such as what words should and should not be included in a dictionary and who gets to decide what a word means?

“Financial Literacy” – aims to provide students an understanding of financial products and personal finance, with an emphasis on banking, budgeting and investments.

“Making Sense of the 2016 Presidential Election” – course tracks how the nation arrived at November election from before the party nomination process.

“Contraband Economics” – economics-based course focusing on the underside of globalization and efforts to police illegal markets.

“What is Feminism?” – explores debates over the meaning and continued relevance of feminism for today’s women and men.

“Discovering the Mind and Brain” – examines how the mind works and the relationship between mental functioning and the physical brain

“Drowning in Data: Practices in Information Design” – provides an introduction to the history, current trends and production methodologies of information design in a theory and practice class.

“Science, Pseudoscience and Nonsense” – examines how science and technology impact virtually everything, including medicine, climate, transportation, species extinction, communication, art, reproduction and religion.

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