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Letter: Not all men use such vulgarities when talking

Not all men use such vulgarities when talking

The use of the phrase, “locker room banter,” to characterize the vulgar words and admitted behaviors of Donald Trump is a gross insult to decent men and women everywhere.

In addition, as a man with a wife, a daughter and many female family members, friends and professional colleagues, I view as reprehensible the statements made by Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino that “all men talk this way” and “all men do, at least all normal men.”

I am not a prude, and I am not a saint. I know many people of all types speak more loosely when they are together in private gatherings.

But I have been in locker rooms, private gatherings and groups composed of only men innumerable times in my long life, yet I have never made nor heard such misogynistic and hostile statements as those made by Trump.

His statements, made by a grown man, fueled by wealth, celebrity and power, reveal him to be the archetype of a sexual predator. The cynicism that accepts his assertions as simply common locker room talk or banter, gutter talk or shop talk, is personally offensive to me.

It is time for all decent men and women to stand up against such an assumption and to denounce this licentious, dangerous despot.

Carl Eddy


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