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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Randolph St., Troy A. Mclean to Jessi L. Toepfer, $200,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Johnny Criswell; Judith M. Criswell to Matthew S. Matson; Danielle E. Winkowski, $158,400.


• &humphrey Road, Brian W. Gottman to Linda M. Connors; Raymond L. Connors Jr., $252,000.

• Drum Road, Terri L. Nealen to Derek Miller, $246,900.

• County Line Road, Panek Family to Timothy J. Mast, $35,000.


• 4556-4558 Washington Drive, Kevin M. Gibson; Courtney J. Hillman; Richard P. Hillman to Bronze Creek Title Trust; Christiana Trust -Tr; Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb, $220,271.

• Escarpment Drive, Linda L. Schilk to Charles William Smith, $209,500.

• Page Ave., Christopher A. Baldassarre; Kathryn E. Baldassarre to David S. Verner, $149,000.

• Garlow Road, Gerald Ciccarelli; Julie Ciccarelli to James A. Guzdek, $124,900.

• Upper Mountain Road, Francis Urban; Patricia Urban to Joseph Silvaroli, $54,000.

• Williams Road, Gerry J. Mann to Anna Catlin; David Catlin, $30,000.


• Lakeview Parkway, Jeffrey L. Levesque to Andrea R. Gross, $155,000.

• Alanview Drive, Jerry C. Levine; Mary Jo Levine to Johnny Rosado; Shannon M. Tracy, $124,000.

• Hamilton Drive, John W. Dickinson; Judy L. Dickinson to Randy B. Littlefeather III; Laurie Reimondo, $120,000.

• Cherry St., Ethel L. Lee; Gary S. Lee to Lisa L. Erickson, $90,100.

• 17 Beattie Ave., Ralph Johnson; Ralph J. Johnson to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $88,777.

• Market St., Richard J. Lanham; Richard R. Lanham to Keeley A. Swick, $70,000.

• Elmwood Ave., Patricia A. Hall; Patricia A. Winters; William H. Winters to Rita J. Wolcott, $65,000.

• Allen St., James M. Caldwell; Mary R. Caldwell; Whitney Caldwell Jr. to Juanita L. Buccitelli, $58,000.

• Caledonia St., Dorothy A. Craig; Charles C. Leavitt to Thadde Habonimana, $28,000.


• 5625 Jeffrey Drive, James L. Sammarco to Carol Noon; Curtiss Noon, $220,000.

• 3408 Cherrywood Lane, Andrea Parisi; Ryan Parisi to James Humphrey; Kaye Humphrey, $180,000.

• 6721 Minnick Road, Matthew J. Thompson; Rebecca J. Thompson to Midfirst Bank, $173,697.

• Bartz Road, Marilyn J. Busch; Mark S. Busch; Phillip C. Busch to Kenneth D. Swan; Angeline N. Wilkerson, $148,500.

• Shimer Drive, Linda A. Schmidt to Persis Seefeldt, $110,000.

• Towne Square Unit #7, Freda A. Palia to Matthew J. Palia; Suzanne Palia, $40,000.


• Lake Road, Carol Noon; Curt Noon to Linda L. Schilk, $172,500.

• 2442 Hess Road, Irene M. Mittelstadt; Alissa Phillipson to Kimberly M. Patterson, $92,000.


• 1st St & Rainbow Boulevard, Jsk International Corp to USA Niagara Development Corp, $4,400,000.

• Benjamin Drive, Darlene M. Adamski; Darlene M. Redmond; Kenneth E. Redmond to Miquel R. Tomkiel, $151,000.

• 85th St., Kathleen T. Edwards to Kimmarie Page, $120,000.

• 4813 Tuscarora Road, Rhonda J. Muto to 34 Steele Circle, $77,500.

• 20th St., Christina L. Nowak; Walter E. Nowak to Patrick Ryan, $64,500.

• Niagara Ave., Alicia A. Krell to Dorothy Pascale, $62,000.

• 76th St., Carol A. Lydick to Ryan J. Graham; Shawntel M. Kline, $58,710.

• 8632 Munson Ave., Elizabeth A. Lowery to Steven S. Schul, $56,000.

• 2665 Niagara Ave., Jennifer L. Augstell; Robert C. Augstell to M & T Bank, $54,532.

• Managers Inc Bldg #5 Unit #52, Patricia Green to Patricia L. Johnson, $50,000.

• 8605 Munson Ave., Michael A. Conde to Hip Loans I, $39,962.

• 5810 Stephenson Ave., Hassan Rana Muhammad Nadeem-Ui; Nadeem-Ui Hassan Rana Muhammad to Wolcott Development, $26,000.

• 7415 Packard Road, John L. Hutchins to Alex J. Scalzo, $25,000.

• Linwood Ave., Frederick J. Jordon Jr. to Jtm1990, $25,000.

• 2633 Porter Road, Fannie Mae to Kelly Fiume; Paul Fiume, $24,000.

• Pierce Ave., David Walker; David Robert Walker to Sharon Foster, $23,000.

• 2405 Michigan, Franceschina Masic to Equity Trust Company -Cust; Canazzi Ira Keith, $20,000.

• 1753 Lasalle Ave., City of Niagara Falls New York to Shellie D. Thomas; Durell Westbrook, $5,750.


• Daigler Drive, Michael Kelly to Kristin Hoddick; Todd Hoddick, $245,000.

• 48 Dale Drive, Amy Selak; Justin Selak to US Bank National Assoc, $220,405.

• Thomas Fox Dr East, Charles S. Carr; Jennifer A. Carr; Jennifer A. Seeley to Jennifer Campas; Sean Campas, $168,000.

• Goundry St., James Amato; John F. Guido to John M. Bryans; Michelle Bryans, $160,000.

• Elmwood Ave., Ae Buffalo Properties to Nathan R. Burrow, $147,000.

• Nash Road, Mark A. Gelotte; Sharon M. Gelotte to Kellina Maren Anderson; George P. Sunny, $147,000.

• Dale Drive, Paul T. Dotterweich to Matthew J. Gross, $120,000.

• Spalding St., Diane M. Brennan; Mary C. Brennan; William J. Brennan; Mary Dumansky to Kenneth Collins; Margaret Collins, $115,000.

• 22 Zimmerman St., Nancy L. Marotta to Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc, $83,012.

• Goundry St., Elizabeth Amato; Elizabeth D. Amato; John F. Guido to Deborah Sepielli, $75,000.

• 174 Pine St., Ronald C. Piwtorak; Mark S. Wallach to George Todino, $73,300.

• Pine St., Kathleen M. Allison; David P. Piwtorak; Gary D. Piwtorak; Michael N. Piwtorak to George D. Todino, $73,300.

• Wheatfield St., Christopher T. Gatto; Donna L. Gatto-Cronin to Wolcott Development, $55,000.

• 1 Center Ave., Charles John Miller; Laurie J. Miller to Lsf9 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $47,025.

• 22 Zimmerman St., Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc /att; Selene Finance to James J. Pilarski; Paula J. Pilarski, $42,000.

• 321 Woodlin Ave., First Union Home Equity Loan Trust; Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc -Tr to Fred Mallone, $41,000.


• Cloverleaf Lane, Nvr Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Amber Williams; Clinton Williams, $294,230.

• Beach Ridge Road, Joseph M. Stawisuck Jr.; Valerie M. Stawisuck to Kerry Dorr, $169,000.

• Townline Road, Michael T. Territo to Nathaniel J. Fekete; Leah Mumm, $137,000.

• 6270 Bear Ridge Road, Gerald Intrabartolo; Pamela M. Intrabartolo to Nancy K. Magee, $112,000.

• 6542 Bear Ridge Road, Charles Marmo to Fremonthome Loan Trust; HSBC Bank USA National Assoc -Tr, $101,622.


• Lockport Rd & Hoover Road, Barbara J. Burns to Jason A. Tanger; Marissa Tanger, $252,200.

• Danielle Drive, Beth A. Bullock; Thomas J. Bullock to Darlene M. Redmond; Kenneth E. Redmond, $225,000.

• 7111 Mavis Drive, Judy Anne Prunchak; Robert J. Prunchak to Charles Caccamise; Janet Caccamise, $14,822.


• 4295 Chestnut Road, Bernard M. Laclair to Christopher Kowalczyk, $125,000.

• 4579 East Lake Road, Janice R. Mills; Martin S. Mills to Lsf8 Master Participation Trust; US Bank Trust NA -Tr, $114,675.

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