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Letter: Trump is better choice than crooked Clinton

Trump is better choice than crooked Clinton

Donald Trump says something about women being fat and the media explode. Hillary Clinton calls millions of hardworking people deplorable and it gets 15 minutes and it’s gone.

A national newspaper denounces Trump and the media go wild, while nothing is stated that the same newspaper will not endorse Clinton either.

Trump stiffed some businesses in terms of payment. Clinton accepts money from countries that kill women for not being covered up.

Trump did approve of the Iraq War, albeit using the words, “I think so” very meekly. Clinton voted for the war.

Trump employs thousands of people and pays men and women equally. Clinton has a single, corrupt, nonprofit organization that does not pay women a man’s salary.

Trump makes high-level business decisions every day. Clinton thinks “C” is for cookie. Need I go further?

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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