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Letter: Planet, animals in peril if Trump wins election

Planet, animals in peril if Trump wins election

As if we need another reason not to vote for Donald Trump, Kathleen Parker’s op-ed column, “If animals could vote,” should have served as an impactful eye-opener to all. Parker outlined Trump’s ugly disregard toward animals in selecting his agricultural advisory committee, some of whom actively oppose animal protection policies. She further noted his sons’ despicable behavior in hunting exotic animals.

Trump’s lifestyle, his mindset, his arrogant, entitled demeanor will only harm the health of our planet. We are in a critical time in the history of mankind to change our way of doing things and rethink our abuse of this space we share with many more species.

Trump has proven himself to be clueless in so many aspects, but this is urgent, folks. Do we really want someone this unenlightened to have the power to approve other committee members, Cabinet members and Supreme Court justices? I shudder.

Suzanne Pfleger


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