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Letter: District shouldn’t offer an attendance incentive

District shouldn’t offer an attendance incentive

The latest teachers’ contract proposal offers a $2,500 “bonus” to a teacher who is not absent for a single day of school. There are reasons four in 10 private-sector workers do not have paid sick days. This policy discriminates against families and is not ideal for educating our children in our city.

As a parent of two Buffalo Public School children, I do not want my children’s teachers in the classroom when they are sick. I also want my children to know that a teacher having a baby may not be in the classroom for that reason. In addition, I want them to know that perhaps your teacher’s youngster was very ill and that teacher needed to stay home for him or her. Also, hardly a day goes by without one student being ill with a contagious cold.

In a district with a vision statement that reads “putting children and families first,” I believe this attendance bonus is hypocritical.

Daniel J. Heffron


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