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Letter: Clinton is indebted to too many donors

Clinton is indebted to too many donors

In this year’s presidential election, voters must look beyond the name calling, divisiveness and other distractions and determine the big picture and what is at stake.

Yes, Donald Trump is flawed and will need Congress to achieve his vision of putting America first. Immigration and trade reform, domestic energy production, bringing back manufacturing jobs, education and health care reform, among other things, can revitalize our economy and revive our national spirit.

Hillary Clinton is a globalist and has little to say about the above issues because she is for the status quo. According to her, the Clintons were broke when they left the White House. Now they are worth millions due to the Clinton Foundation “slush fund,” which was cultivated with Clinton’s secretary of state connections.

Outrageous speaking fees and donations by foreign and domestic elites, which include right-wing Republicans and left-wing Democrats, to the Clintons will require payback if Clinton becomes president. She owes them! How on earth can we expect Clinton to represent the interests of the American people? What does she owe her foreign donors? How will this affect us?

Leonard R. Kaszuba


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