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Williamsville's Malick is an extra reason to watch "Pitch"; Ch.2 to tape delay debate

This is what I’m thinking:

Actress Wendie Malick, who is from Williamsville, never stays unemployed too long. She seems to get a new series every TV season.

From 2010-14, she starred in “Hot in Cleveland.”

When that TV Land series was canceled, she starred in the short-lived, 2015 CBS series based on the movie “Rush Hour.”

At the end of a January, 2016 blog about Malick's role in that series, I wrote: "If it doesn't work, you can just about be  assured that Malick will find another new series to star in next season."

Sure enough, Malick shows up at 9 tonight on WUTV as a recurring star in an episode of the new Fox baseball series “Pitch” about the first female pitcher in the major leagues.

The 1968 graduate of Williamsville South plays a major shareholder of the corporate partner that owns a team that includes female pitcher and role model Ginny Baker (played by Kylie Bunbury).

Malick has a key role in the episode, in which the San Diego manager played by Dan Lauria of “The Wonder Years” is fighting for his job at the same time Baker is fighting to be treated the same way a male pitcher would be treated during a beanball battle with another team.

The beanball part of the episode doesn’t strike a believable chord, but the episode still has Bunbury’s star appeal and a romantic element added to the series. Actually, the romantic part of the episode leads to the most unrealistic part of the beanball battle.

Here’s a bonus for baseball fans. Dick Enberg, who recently retired as the voice of the Padres, has a cameo in the episode.

Because of NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” game between Green Bay and the New York Giants, Channel 2 won’t be carrying the second presidential debate in three days between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

However, it will carry the debate on tape delay at 2 a.m. Monday in place of repeats of "Dateline" and "Meet the Press" after NBC gave the affiliate the option of carrying it live on one of its sub-channels or on delay.

Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner said the decision was made to allow people a second chance to see the debate on the main station at a different time rather than carry it on a little-watched, sub-channel at the same time as the other broadcast channels and the cable networks news networks.

Good call.


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