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Vic Carucci's Week 5 Power Rankings

(Through Thursday’s game. Last week’s ranking in parentheses)

1. New England. Tom Brady’s back and his first opponent (victim?) is Cleveland. (1)

2. Denver. Von Miller is making the Broncos feel really smart about that contract extension. (2)

3. Minnesota. Sam Bradford looks like a lot more than a one-year replacement for Teddy Bridgewater. (3)

4. Philadelphia. Jim Schwartz is again looking forward to turning his defense loose on the team that fired him. (4)

5. Pittsburgh. Best way to respond to a blowout loss is to have a blowout win. (6)

6. Seattle. Scary thought for the rest of the NFL: Pete Carroll thinks this might be his best Seahawks team yet. (8)

7. Oakland. Derek Carr continues to put himself in the conversation of top quarterbacks in the league. (12)

8. Cincinnati. Andy Dalton just has to throw it up and A.J. Green will catch it. Or so it seems. (10)

9. Green Bay. Packers’ youthful secondary has to settle into a groove. (11)

10. Atlanta. Knowing they were taking a long trip this weekend, Falcons sent players’ wives flowers. Classy. (14)

11. Carolina. If the Panthers can’t right themselves vs. the Bucs, they might never do so. (5)

12. Dallas. Little by little, Cowboys are tailoring their offense to suit Dak Prescott, which is logical. (15)

13. Arizona. After a desperately needed win vs. the 49ers, do we really know how good the Cardinals are? (13)

14. Baltimore. Ravens seeing red over red-zone struggles. (7)

15. Kansas City. After the embarrassment in Pittsburgh, the Chiefs have done plenty of soul-searching during their bye. (9)

16. Buffalo. Almost no one thought the first two wins of the season would come in the last two games. (19)

17. N.Y. Giants. OBJ Drama never ends. (16)

18. Houston. Going up against the Vikings’ defense won’t be fun. (25)

19. N.Y. Jets. You know you’re in trouble when creative OC Chan Gailey says you “have to get back to the basics.” (17)

20. New Orleans. DC Dennis Allen faces a huge challenge with mounting injuries to his group. (23)

21. Washington. Is Josh Norman ever going to get over his Panther obsession? (21)

22. Los Angeles. As Rex Ryan has since discovered, Aaron Donald can pretty much hold anyone’s jock in the NFL. (27)

23. Tampa Bay. Too many turnovers for Jameis Winston. (20)

24. San Diego. Looks like another wasted season with Philip Rivers. (24)

25. Detroit. Still looking for Golden Tate to be, well, golden. (22)

26. Jacksonville. They beat the Colts. Big deal. (30)

27. San Francisco. How can these guys stick with Blaine Gabbert at QB? (26)

28. Miami. Dolphins are looking for their pass rush … among other things. (28)

29. Tennessee. At least DeMarco Murray is playing well. (29)

30. Indianapolis. This team has lots of problems to fix. (18)

31. Chicago. Maybe the Colts will give these guys a chance to win two in a row. (32)

32. Cleveland. Yep, Tom Brady’s coming to town. Hide … everything. (31)

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