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Letter: Trump, not Clinton, is master of ridicule

Trump, not Clinton, is master of ridicule

This letter is in response to the letter I read in Sunday’s paper titled “Clinton’s use of ridicule further divides America.” I believe the writer may have confused Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump.

Trump has ridiculed an extensive list of people since this campaign began. Even before Trump became the Republican candidate, he was making up derogatory names for his opponents. Trump has used “labels” to demean any person or group of people who disagree with him. From making fun of the handicapped, miming Clinton’s near fall after her pneumonia diagnosis, to calling certain women, fat, ugly and pigs.

Trump also has vented his hate against Mexicans, African-Americans and Native Americans. He has caused more divisiveness with his hate speeches than any other candidate in recent memory.

Perhaps Trump should try using a more positive tone in his speeches. He could also run on his accomplishments, if he can identify any. Any research into his business acumen only reveals his bankruptcies and his wonderful ability to avoid paying taxes, while taking advantage of millions in taxpayers’ money to build his monuments to himself.

It is a shame that this political campaign has caused so much anger and hate. This is putting our entire country in a very negative light to all the rest of the world. I, for one, will be very glad when it is all over, and may the best woman win.

Cathleen Meyers

Clarence Center

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