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Letter: People on methadone really aren’t drug-free

People on methadone really aren’t drug-free

I have an issue with a comment from a News article regarding Niagara Falls methadone clinics. A current patient said that she “has been drug-free for two years” while taking methadone. Sorry, methadone is a synthetic addictive drug. She is not drug-free. Kratom might be an alternative to her issues.

I guess my point is that these clinics offer alternatives to drug use. Wherein we are doing six of one, half a dozen of another. They are not healthy in the sense of getting one’s body free of user-dependency issues.

The clinics that offer Suboxone and methadone are just prolonging the inevitable. These are FDA-approved, patented – read money-makers here – drugs that do not offer a release from addiction. More so an extension of the addiction affliction.

Julie Czosek

West Seneca

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