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Letter: Improve business climate for companies already here

Improve business climate for companies already here

As 43North releases this year’s group of semifinalists in “the world’s biggest business competition,” the rest of the community received news that Greatbatch is closing one of its manufacturing operations here.

When I travel around the world and proudly say I’m from Buffalo, many ask, “What’s so special about your city?” I find myself reciting parts of 43North’s “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” video. The windshield wiper, supersonic plane, air conditioning, servo valve and pacemaker were all invented and manufactured here. The latter had been a success story of academia and industry working together producing a product using local talent to create a nationally renowned device; no more.

Bringing new companies and ideas to the region is pivotal to growing the region’s economy. However, the news of Greatbatch ceasing part of its advanced manufacturing operations here (years after the corporate office moved South; a canary in the coal mine) should be a stark reminder that even the corporate headquartered companies must be looked after, too.

Local and state government must improve the business climate to keep established companies here. Start-Up NY is great, but what about the homegrown, innovative companies that are already here?

Tim van Oss


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