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Letter: Help save some lives by donating plasma

Help save some lives by donating plasma

Oct. 9 to 15 is International Plasma Awareness Week, which promotes awareness of plasma collection and the importance of plasma donation. As a plasmapheresis nurse, I am proud to play a part in saving thousands of lives each week. Human blood plasma is donated at licensed donation facilities around the country through a process called plasmapheresis. The plasma collected from the donor is then used to produce lifesaving therapies, such as treatment for hemophilia, liver disease, rabies, tetanus and acute conditions such as burns and shock among others.

My employer, KEDPlasma Somerset Labs, utilizes donated plasma in the manufacturing of the drug RhoGAM, which is used to prevent life-threatening hemolytic disease in newborns. The lives of approximately 30 babies are saved with each plasma donation. Donors are compensated for their ongoing commitment and time required to donate.

I invite my fellow Western New Yorkers and nearby Canadians to consider becoming a plasma donor and playing a part in improving and saving lives. To find out if you’re eligible to be a plasma donor, please contact our center at 716-631-1281. A baby’s life depends on it.

Todd Cleckley


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