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It seems to us: With Fido for eternity, mixing business with politics and meatball vs. meatball

It might not be everyone’s preference upon leaving this mortal coil, but allowing a beloved pet’s ashes to be buried with his owner is the perfect way to spend eternity for some.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a law allowing some cemeteries to inter the cremated remains of pets with their owners. Cuomo has demonstrated an understanding that for some people, their pets are family and should be treated as such.

In fact, pets are probably a lot less judgmental than some of the other folks buried in the family plot, and deserve an honored final resting place.

Some members of the Buffalo Bills are upset at coach Rex Ryan’s public endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions. It’s hardly surprising, given Trump’s comments about minorities.

A story in The Buffalo News quoted a piece in the Bleacher Report, in which writer Mike Freeman looked at Trump’s impact around the NFL. Regarding the Bills, he quoted an anonymous African-American player who was frustrated that the “open-minded” Ryan could support the “close-minded” Trump. “Some of the African-American players on the team weren’t happy about Rex doing that,” he said.

Trump is especially divisive, of course, but there is a broader lesson that has nothing to do with partisanship: Business and politics don’t always mix well. Ryan, or any other business leader, has a right to his opinion and to state it as publicly as he wants. But that doesn’t mean it’s wise.

It might not have had the drawing power of a giant inflatable duck – you know what we’re talking about – but last Sunday’s “Meatball Street Brawl” was a true Buffalo happening in its own right.

Along West Mohawk Street between Franklin Street and Delaware Avenue, local Italian restaurants competed for bragging rights to the best meatball. Well, why not?

It was all in fun, and the results suggested it: Midtown Kitchen won Best Freestyle Meatball, Sinatra’s won Best Traditional Meatball and Osteria 166 won Best Overall Meatball.

If someone understands the distinctions, please elucidate. Or just eat.

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