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Younger residents recognize sweet scent permeating Tonawanda City Hall

Mellow meeting

A peculiar scent wafted through Tonawanda City Hall on Tuesday night, just before the Common Council’s meeting.

A crowd gathered in the lobby outside Council Chambers made some guesses about the origin of the pungent odor. Older residents guessed “skunk.”

Younger residents knew better.

Police Capt. Fredric Foels solved the mystery when he identified the source.

Officer David Kraft was on patrol Tuesday in the city’s industrial section when he detected a strong odor of marijuana, Foels said. Kraft walked along a set of abandoned railroad tracks, about 40 feet from Wales Avenue, and discovered six marijuana plants, about 4½ feet tall and in full bloom.

Kraft took the plants to the detectives’ offices in the lower level of City Hall, where they were weighed. When they were brought upstairs to be bagged and tagged, the plants’ strong smell permeated the building.

Or, maybe we should say, it permeated the “joint.”

‘Beef on a weck’

Celebrity chef Mario Batali appeared on “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new book featuring beloved American recipes, and Buffalo’s signature beef on weck surprisingly takes center stage.

Fallon, who hails from Saugerties, N.Y., asked for an example of something delicious from upstate New York, and as Batali began to describe the roast beef on kummelweck – vivaciously calling it “beef on a weck” – the host curiously pulled out the sandwich Batali described. What a coincidence!

According to the Facebook page of Buffalo’s Famous, a relatively new Buffalo-themed restaurant in Brooklyn, it supplied the sandwich for the show.

Buffalo’s Famous is a new Buffalo food-themed eatery located in the residential neighborhood of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. It offers many regional specialties, including fried bologna sandwiches and five flavors of Perry’s Ice Cream. It opened in May, the project of Nickel City natives John Marren and Matthew Fortune.

“There are only two burger options available (in Ditmas Park) after 8 p.m,” explained Marren, using burgers as an example. “In Buffalo, we had 20 options, and that’s something we took for granted. But in (parts of) New York City, it really falls off a cliff for late-night options.”

Clowning around

Reports of a peculiar scene spread through the Niagara County Fire Wire late on Sept. 28: A clown, holding a balloon, was spotted in the road near the intersection of Erie Avenue and Meadow Drive in North Tonawanda.

A little over an hour later, the Fire Wire’s Facebook page shared a video, entitled “we did a bad thing,” by user Shane Whipple and two friends, who claimed responsibility for the prank.

After the incident, USA Today published a roundup of the creepy clown sightings throughout the country, and North Tonawanda’s version prompted an eruption of responses – there were more than 3,400 Facebook shares of the original report, as well as nearly 1,000 comments.

“First Pokemon now clowns what’s next someone actually finds Waldo,” someone quipped on Twitter.

“Shouldn’t Rex Ryan be preparing for New England instead?” another chimed in.

Meatball brawlers

Missed last week’s meatball throw-down? Or just want to cut right to the winners?

Off Main Street got the scoop on where to get the best meatballs in town, as determined by judges at the first ever Meatball Street Brawl, which was initiated by Nick Pitillo, owner of Osteria 166.

So without further ado ... The winners were:

• Judges’ choice – Best Freestyle Meatball: Mid-Town Kitchen (MTK) – Asian meatball

• Judges’ choice – Best Traditional Meatball: Sinatra’s

• Fans’ choice – Best Overall Meatball: Osteria 166

Off Main Street is written by Tiffany Lankes with contributions from Ben Tsujimoto and Joseph Popiolkowski. Email

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