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Letter: We must work together to heal nation’s wounds

We must work together to heal nation’s wounds

What the heck happened to our great country? It was just a quickly passing 15 years ago that we were all united in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. There were concerts and rallies and a real sense of patriotism in tribute to our lost, innocent fellow citizens. There was resolve by our government to seek out and punish the guilty who supported and enabled the murderers. This was largely accomplished by both administrations, Republican and Democrat, who held office at that time and were in office in subsequent years.

Fast forward to the present. What the heck has happened? A country divided by race, politics and diametrically opposed points of view as to what our country is and what it stands for. It has gotten so bad that I wonder if we could unite again if a new major tragedy or even a world war was to take place.

Following the news on a daily basis is becoming a profile in courage as there seems to be no end to the violence in our cities and the anger from citizens with different takes on what our country’s standards should be. So much rhetoric and so little agreement on almost every issue.

I recognize that honest differences of opinion will always exist and that it is our constitutional right to speak out on these differences, but at some point don’t we need to come to a peaceful and respectful resolution on these issues? Otherwise, we will continue to become a divided nation with only negative and damaging consequences as a result.

Let’s hope that our country’s leaders have the ability to lead the way in bringing us all back together so we may begin to heal what is hurting so many of us, and become the united nation that we were during the aftermath of 9/11. For our children’s and grandchildren’s sake, let’s not wait for another tragedy to begin the healing.

Lou Speranza


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