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Letter: Collins has become ‘a chief politician’

Collins has become ‘a chief politician’

Rep. Chris Collins has run for political office six times using the campaign slogan “elect a chief executive, not a chief politician.” This year, I say we take his advice. That’s why I’m voting for Diane Kastenbaum to represent me in Congress.

Kastenbaum is the CEO of a Batavia tool-and-die manufacturer. In addition to her experience and success in business, she strikes all the right notes about her commitment to protect the families, companies and farms of Western New York.

In contrast, it seems that Collins couldn’t care less about the district he “represents.” While I’ve never seen him hold a town hall meeting, or take leadership on any issue affecting his district, he’s made well over 100 cable news appearances supporting New York City billionaire Donald Trump for president. In Collins’ own words, he’s doing it because he wants to be appointed to a Cabinet job. If that doesn’t make him a “chief politician,” I don’t know what does.

In this race, the choice is clear, and I’m supporting the chief executive, not the chief politician.

Suzanne Coogan


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