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Some expert advice to take fall family pics

Looking to have fall family photos shot?

Wondering what colors are best to wear? Or where you should go? What kind of backdrop? Me too. That's why I asked for help.

David Barone-Vu has been shooting professional photos for about five years. I asked for some advice on capturing the best moments with family during the fall season. Whether you are hiring a professional or doing them yourself, here are some tips.

Question: What type of backdrop should we look for?

Answer: This truly varies with each photographer, but for me it is the colorful and vibrant backdrops that I love.  It could be your backyard where trees are turning color.

Q: What is the best time of day?

A: The best time would be that "golden hour” as photographers call it. It’s typically within the first hour of sunrise or before sunset. The low sun on the horizon creates a very soft and glowing light, this gives the subject a very vibrant glow.

Q: What are the best colors to put your family in?

A: The best color for families during a fall session when the colors of the leaves are turning that warm yellow, orange and red colors is a contrast color. Sometime along the line of burgundy, tan, charcoal gray, chambray, light army green, pumpkin or royal blue.

Q: Should everyone match?

A: Everyone should not match completely. Pick three colors and kind of go from there. Some can have a pattern or solid. I think if you differentiate a little it will give the photo more depth to each person in the photo.

Q: What’s the best way to get little ones to cooperate?

A: The best way that has worked for me is to become friends with them. The enjoyment of being a child photographer is you really have to become their partner in a game. Play a game with them either hide and seek or just ask them questions about what they like to do. If all else fails, bribery of snacks or teats. For younger children anything that can be used to get their attention works – like a rattle, keys or wacky sounds.

Q: How many pictures do you usually take for one sitting?

A: This varies greatly for each standard session, but typically around 40-50 photos are taken before edit and review.

Q: Anything else?

A: The best advice I can give to any family looking to get photos done is – don’t stress. The photos the photographer will capture will surely be amazing and in the moment. The fall season in Buffalo is one thing that photographers love and the photos they produce will put a smile on your face.


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