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Letter: World will never see peace if we keep selling weapons

World will never see peace if we keep selling weapons

Every once in a while, someone writes a letter that hits the proverbial nail on the head and at the same time provides the proverbial hammer to hit it with. That was the case with the Sept. 26 letter, “American officials send mixed message on terror.”

Isn’t it ironic that the two major powers in this chaotic world are attempting to broker a cease-fire in Syria while at the same time purveying weapons of mass destruction to any and all buyers? Then, with typical hubris, follow up with weapons of mass distraction to make it all appear justified.

Here we are, struggling with massive debt, yet somehow we can spare $90 million in reparations to Laos, where part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail ran through, bringing Viet Cong troops and equipment into Vietnam to kill our men.

The letter writer is correct, we are the largest seller of arms to the world. When coupled with those sold by our antagonistic adversary, the world will continue to wallow in the senseless slaughter these arms are responsible for. So much for brokering peace!

Scott H. Patterson


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