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Letter: Trump for sake of change is a dangerous proposition

Trump for sake of change is a dangerous proposition

I would be pleased to vote for Donald Trump, a very smart and successful man, if the election was for one of the following:

Misinformant in chief – based on wide-ranging inaccuracies, verified by fact-checker PolitiFact, which recently calculated a rate of one falsehood every 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Braggart in chief – with effusive self-congratulations for business acumen, his ways with the ladies, cynically badgering the president to show his birth certificate and predicting that criminal and terrorist acts will continue, not to mention declaring, “I alone can fix it.”

Name caller in chief – for example, Little Marco, Low-energy Jeb, Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary and Miss Piggy.

Whiner in chief – given complaints regarding conspiracies, media bias and election-rigging.

Divider in chief – based on insensitive and inflammatory statements to and regarding women, blacks, Muslims, Latinos and the disabled.

Loose cannon in chief – given talk of not supporting NATO allies, encouraging nuclear proliferation, praising enemies and denigrating the United States.

Self-server in chief – given a questionable medical excuse to avoid military service, declaring multiple bankruptcies and leaving suppliers and investors holding the bag while accumulating personal wealth, diverting foundation monies to noncharitable causes, likely paying little or no income tax (“that makes me smart”) and ultimately using a political party to expand his brand.

These are leadership attributes that are not inspiring or needed in the U.S. presidency. This election has been described as “hold your nose” and “lesser of the evils.” Change solely for the sake of change is a dangerous proposition.

David Meade

East Amherst

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