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Letter: Holocaust survivors will never feel secure

Holocaust survivors will never feel secure

Thank you so much for The News article, “Survivor recalls atrocities by Nazis.” Those of us who lived through the Nazi era can identify with one of the victims, as described in Gene Warner’s article about Stephan Lewy. He was one of the fortunate few who escaped from the indescribable sadistic tortures that were given 6 million innocent Jewish people who died during the late 1930s to the mid-1940s in Nazi Germany and surrounding areas.

It left a mark on the tiny minority who escaped. Even the fortunate few who came to foreign lands can never feel safe or secure. They came as young folk but to this day, into their old age, they feel different; they never feel secure, accepted or safe.

It is the indescribable feeling that they are unwanted and not accepted by the country to which they fled. The fortunate survivors who escaped can never feel the normalcy that native Americans feel, nor can the Americans understand the psyche of the former refugees, now American citizens, who live among them.

Ursula A. Falk


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