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Letter: Clinton’s record shows she is unfit to lead U.S.

Clinton’s record shows she is unfit to lead U.S.

The first presidential candidate debate was a display of media ignorance. Rather than concentrate on the issues that will affect the fate of our country’s future, the media chose to dwell on personal attacks on and by the candidates. National security, the economy and educational issues that will affect all Americans were ignored in favor of biased personal attacks on the candidates’ personalities.

Meanwhile, the media dwell on a self-centered football player who refuses to honor the flag, protesters destroying private and public property in support of non-complying blacks who are killed or injured by police and legislators who condone these actions. Where is the media follow-up of the citizens whose lives and communities have been destroyed by looters? Where is the media coverage of the families of the police who were ambushed, and brutally attacked by cowards who get sympathy from bleeding-heart sympathizers? I have First Amendment rights as well, and I am fed up with seeing preferential treatment given to thugs and bullies while innocent citizens’ rights are overlooked.

Hillary Clinton has been in politics for at least 30 years. Where are the jobs she promised while a New York senator? How can she and the Democratic Party defend the deplorable conditions in major cities where violent crime and poverty persist for years under Democratic leadership?

How can she defend her record as secretary of state, that saw the murder of our American ambassador and three other men in Benghazi? Most concerting to me and many other Americans is the fact she had a private email server, which could very well have jeopardized national security.

Donald Trump deserves to be given the opportunity to serve as president with Mike Pence as vice president. Together they will make America great again!

Mary A. Kless


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