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Letter: Clinton is clear choice to be our next president

Clinton is clear choice to be our next president

If one was paying attention, there was a lot to learn from the first presidential debate.

On the economy, it was very clear how much Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differ. Clinton has specific ideas on how to improve the economy, such as becoming a world-class leader in clean energy policy, fixing the tax rules so that the most wealthy carry more of the burden than the middle class, and having a more highly educated workforce. Trump has specific ideas also, such as the outdated trickle-down economics that failed in the ’80s and tax policies that he thinks are smart for letting rich people pay no income taxes.

On safety within our borders, Clinton has ideas on how to improve community relations, limit the access of weapons to criminals and help our police force to reduce racial tension. Trump also has ideas, such as the unconstitutional use of stop and frisk, and calls, again from the ’80s, for good old-fashioned law and order.

On international security, Clinton has demonstrated her ideas on the use of diplomacy to get results, to do the hard work to bring together diverse countries to get tough agreements in place, and the understanding that our country’s promises matter to the rest of the world. Trump has ideas, too, that mostly center on how to get other countries to help pay the bill.

The debate made it clear. If one believes the rich should get tax breaks, that the ineffective stop and frisk should be used again and that the country needs to move back in time to the failed economic practices of the ’80s, then one has a candidate in Trump. If one believes that the tax structure needs to be fixed to help the middle class, that our communities and their police forces need assistance and that the world needs an experienced foreign policy leader as commander in chief of the most powerful military in the history of the world, then one has a candidate in Clinton.

William J. VanDewater Jr.

North Tonawanda

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