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Letter: Lack of preparation was evident in debate

Lack of preparation was evident in debate

I took the time this past Monday to watch the Clinton-Trump debate. Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not a fan of either one – Hillary Clinton because of Benghazi and Donald Trump because of his attitude and lack of respect for people in general.

As I watched, it appeared that Clinton’s facial demeanor was of a smiling, carefree, well-educated politician, which was the cause of Trump’s facial expression of constant constipation followed by momentary relief only exhibited when he was in ranting and raving mode. Score points for Clinton this time around.

Mr. Trump, take some Pepto and think before you speak – again. By the way, putting the blame on other people and electronics for your poor performance is the only way you know how to cover yourself because of lack of preparation. A high school debate team could put you in your place.

Ronald F. Dobiesz

North Tonawanda

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