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Letter: Holt hammered Trump, gave Clinton a free pass

Holt hammered Trump, gave Clinton a free pass

Just a few observations on the first debate. Hillary Clinton referenced fact checking three times during the debate. She even called on fact checkers to “get to work.” Moderator Lester Holt boosted Clinton, the Democratic nominee, by challenging Donald Trump on his answers at least six times while Clinton went unchecked. With Clinton given a pass, she was not pressed on her various scandals from the Clinton Foundation, to pay-to-play allegations, Benghazi or her handling of classified information. The FBI director called Clinton a liar six times in his testimony to Congress.

I believe there’s no doubt Holt was decidedly anti-Trump and in the tank for Clinton, as 99 percent of the media are. He failed to question Clinton on her scandals and failed to follow up on her answers, giving her an easy pass. The mainstream liberal media have shown their bias throughout this election and things won’t get better or easier for Trump.

The job of the media is to report on the facts, leaving the reporters’ personal opinion on the matter out of the story, allowing the readers to reach their own conclusions. That’s what separates the great reporters from the mediocre reporters, and there are many mediocre reporters today.

Tom Angiel


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