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Letter: Residents near bridge still face health risks

Residents near bridge still face health risks

I am a resident of Prospect Hill, and I was at the Department of Environmental Conservation Peace Bridge air quality presentation, and I am neither assured nor reassured. I am not reassured by statements like “this level of toxicity is similar to other urban areas.” That only means there are many other urban areas with similarly high levels of air pollution – poison for everybody’s lungs, not just a select population. How exactly is that reassuring?

I am not reassured by the finding that somehow our levels of traffic pollution meet some sort of outdated, inadequate, failing federal guideline, which clearly can’t stop people from getting cancer or asthma. That only means that the federal standard is setting the bar far too low.

I am not reassured by the fact that ultrafine particulate matter is not federally regulated, and is found abundantly in our area. How can anyone feel closure after this meeting?

“While these findings are encouraging, DEC continues to call on EPA to improve emission standards for diesel trucks to better protect public health and the environment of Buffalo’s West Side,” DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said in a news release. How, exactly?

Nadejda Petrova


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