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Letter: Lifetime of corruption is catching up with Clintons

Lifetime of corruption is catching up with Clintons

Could the Clintons finally have to face the music for their lifetime of corruption? Throughout the years, the Clintons’ agility at hurdling real scandals and coming out unscathed has been uncanny. Even though Bill Clinton was impeached, he has been elevated in the Democratic Party.

From the beginning, Bill and Hillary destroyed people in their Travelgate scandal and she abused his harassment victims. The Clintons have developed a sense of invincibility. But the Clinton Foundation scandal is going to be their downfall. The Clintons have become multimillionaires since the close of his presidency. They have done it through exorbitant speaker fees and exorbitant contributions to their foundation by foreign interests that resulted in unusual access to Clinton in the State Department. The Associated Press reported that half the people outside the government who met with her while she was secretary of state donated to the Clinton Foundation.

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange promises more email dumps that will bring Clinton down. Time will tell.

John Orlowski


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