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Letter: Air quality study fails to reassure residents

Air quality study fails to reassure residents

You may have read the recent story in The News relative to the Department of Environmental Conservation air quality study in the Peace Bridge neighborhood.

We wish to point out, on behalf of the Peace Bridge neighborhood – and specifically the Columbus Park Association – that we most certainly were not “collaborators” on the DEC project. We may have sat in on meetings and received email messages, but we had no real scientific input on the project.

Nor are the results “assuring” in any way, as The News headline writer so inaccurately put it. Our concern has always been and will forever remain the environmental health of the residents of this city. Not only does the research here exclude health concerns, the existing national standard for exposure to emissions (which is admittedly long overdue for re-evaluation), does not even address ultrafine particulate matter and black carbon, which current research has shown may have a devastating effect on every organ of the body.

Until emission standards begin to meet the environmental health reality on the ground, residents here will remain sick and dying, regardless of government pronouncements to the contrary.

Other than that, it was a fun meeting.

Peterjoe Certo


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