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Letter: Voters face dilemma in November election

Voters face dilemma in November election

I became a U.S. citizen last year and was looking forward to voting in the presidential election. I’m disappointed in the choices of candidates.

Donald Trump does not have the diplomatic skills to meet and hammer out delicate agreements with foreign leaders. However, his aggressive style has attracted millions of Americans who are discouraged by working in minimum-wage jobs with no future. He promises huge improvements to our quality of life. How can a man who has declared bankruptcy six times be trusted to guide our country through good times and bad?

The two candidates have foundations. As a retired grant proposal writer, I’m interested in knowing about their foundations so I did some research.

Trump has three foundations with assets of $1,369,748. He has submitted his IRS Forms 990 correctly and timely.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, have at least two foundations. The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has assets of $354,190,170.

An article in Philanthropy News Digest reported that the Clinton Global Initiative had its 12th and last meeting in New York City recently. Last month, the Clinton foundations were removed from the Foundation Center’s Directory of Foundations. The Trump Foundations are still listed.

The Clinton Family Foundation has assets of $5,314,540. The two Clinton foundations have a total of $359,504,710.

There were several scandals during the eight years the Clintons occupied the White House. I don’t think Hillary has been an effective secretary of state. She has been under fire for her handling of affairs in Benghazi, as well as putting confidential U.S. government information on her private email server.

It’s difficult to decide. I’m sure the American people will vote in the best candidate who can guide our country into a safer place and become prosperous again.

Veronica Hogle


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