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Letter: The Outer Harbor needs better year-round access

The Outer Harbor needs better year-round access

On Sept. 28, I attended the Outer Harbor Public Meeting at RiverWorks, which highlighted that public access to that area is a top priority. The obvious questions that were raised were: Why hasn’t the Michigan Avenue lift bridge near General Mills been rebuilt since the 1960s? And why doesn’t the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority have a line that services the region for residents without cars? The north end access via Michigan Avenue is a no-brainer, so why is it taking so long?

The summertime bike ferry is not the answer for year-round access. The bridge would also help gather data related to traffic flow if the Skyway disappears, and for a new stadium in the area east of the middle harbor.

I believe General Mills management wants to be a good neighbor and the NFTA is based on serving public transportation. So let’s get moving for Buffalo residents.

The Ferry Street lift bridge was just rebuilt, so the same can be done with Michigan Avenue to connect to Fuhrmann Boulevard.

Steve Brzuszkiewicz

East Aurora

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