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Letter: Millions spent on election could be used more wisely

Millions spent on election could be used more wisely

Is there any other person out there who wonders what else could be done with the million dollars a day the Clinton campaign is spending to assure her election? The amount of money is incomprehensible to most of us; compare it to dreaming about what we would do if we won the lottery. Most of us would do what is right with those prizes, including helping our families and supporting local charities, especially those that do not get mass infusions of cash from larger charitable organizations. We would help our acquaintances fallen on hard times and brighten others’ day by picking up their grocery tab, or lunch check, or even their morning coffee, because we could.

Can you imagine the good that could be done with the campaign fund of every single elected official from the small town mayor to the very president of the United States? Can you imagine how hard these individuals would have to work to earn our votes without their PACs and slush funds, their mountains of “Vote for Me!” recyclables, their promises to power brokers, their hyperbole and rhetoric written by others as speeches from the candidate’s own heart?

It is more apparent than ever that our politicians have absolutely no connection to what our everyday lives consist of. Most of us do not have nonprofits to siphon or no-show jobs. I believe most of us would absolutely do the right thing if we were at the head of the table. Why then do we settle for crumbs from the politicians’ table and call it a victory when we pay them to legislate a $15 per hour minimum wage?

Pam McDonald


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