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Letter: Let’s feed starving children instead of filling candy bags

Let’s feed starving children instead of filling candy bags

Halloween will be here soon. Jack-o’-lanterns are poking their heads out between chrysanthemums lined up at the grocery store. There are displays of rattling skeletons, enormous balloon bats and costumes of every size and shape. There are even colorful dress-ups for dogs and cats.

But before the rush begins to capture the latest Halloween fad, perhaps we need to pause and consider the millions of dollars spent on Halloween trivia. Perhaps some of those dollars could be directed toward the real skeletons; those starving children whose shrunken bodies we hate to look at.

While our children travel from door to door glutting bags with candy, the little ones in Syria, Sudan and Nepal are writhing with hunger pains. There are many charities longing to bring food (not candy) and warm clothes (not costumes) to the poor. Consult your computer and Google: Food For The Poor, Mercy Corps, St. Joseph’s Indian School, Sudan Relief Fund, the Buffalo City Mission or your favorite charity.

And so, let us and our children really enjoy Halloween by saving an equal amount of time and funds helping the poor of the world and of our neighborhood. Then we will truly have a happy Halloween.

Jean M. Lichtenthal


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