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Letter: We’re asking for trouble if we put Clinton in office

We’re asking for trouble if we put Clinton in office

This feels like the Nixon thing all over again! Many of us who are old enough to have lived through Watergate remember how most of us suspected early on that Richard Nixon was at least somewhat dishonest, and still the people elected him president, not once but twice. Hillary Clinton is a lot like Nixon, except that where he was just plain insecure, she certainly appears to be a pathological liar who will seldom tell us the truth about anything. And this is the person who was calling us “deplorable”?

The women in this country have waited well over 200 years for a woman president (amen), and I would humbly ask our fine female voters to consider this: Is Clinton really the person you want to be known as your first woman president, because if she succeeds, that will be your legacy.

Sure, Donald Trump is a bit of a jerk, but Clinton is a much more dangerous person, because when you are as egotistical as she is, and believe that the rules apply to everyone but you, how do you think she will behave when she achieves the height of her power? It’s a scary thought.

I laugh at the comment that she is qualified when you take into account that as secretary of state, she boggled just about everything she touched. And after two terms in the Senate, she accomplished very little for our state and nothing for Western New York. Honest, trustworthy and qualified? I don’t think so.

What’s more, should she get elected and overcome all of her health shortfalls, which at this point appears a major challenge, you just know that Congress is going to indict her on something, and again we will be asking the question: Why didn’t we know better?

William Mayback

West Seneca

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