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Letter: We need to be reminded that we are all ‘human’

We need to be reminded that we are all ‘human’

The News reprinted an article from the New York Times on Sept. 22. It appeared on page A3 and was titled, “Humans spread from Africa in one migration, studies find.” I feel this should have been front page news.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have Abraham as a common source of their faith. Both Christians and Jews believe we are the offspring of one man, Adam. There are many other denominations and nondenominational congregations whose major theme is that of oneness and universal acceptance.

Why do we need researchers and archaeologists to tell us that we all came from the same place, Africa? Egypt, part of the continent of Africa, is within several days’ walking distance from many of the Biblical stories. We obviously need to be reminded that we are all “human.” We now have a scientific confirmation of our single migration/population initiation.

In the 1991 pleaful words of the late Rodney Glen King III, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Deborah A. Dickinson-Deacon


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