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Another Voice: Clinton is shaming college-educated voters

By Michael Bertolone

A disturbing trend has emerged among Hillary Clinton supporters and their sympathizers in the mainstream media. It is a steady undercurrent of shaming aimed at college-educated Donald Trump supporters.

The major networks and news outlets take glee in informing their audiences that Trump holds a significant lead in just one demographic: white men with no college experience. The unspoken message to college-educated Trump supporters is that they’re out of step and out of tune with the rest of the “enlightened.”

The latest example came directly from Clinton herself, when she recently remarked that half of Trump supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.” That’s not a classification that any educated person would relish for his or her LinkedIn bio.

And it’s done by design, in part to make that demographic think twice before falling in line behind Trump. Only now the shaming tactic is beginning to backfire.

The New York Times recently reported, while hardly containing its elation: “In Pew Research Center’s August survey, registered voters with a college degree or more education favor Clinton over Trump by 23 percentage points.”

Perhaps most disturbing is the constant leveling of “racist,” “sexist,” “misogynist” charges at Trump by Clinton and her surrogates. One can argue that this is an effort to snare college-educated millennials, most of whom have been fed a steady diet of these politically correct slogans and platitudes since entering kindergarten.

Progressives believe that they have ready-made “Pavlov’s voters” in this demographic, and the mere mention of any of these trigger words aimed at Trump will immediately cause these folks to salivate and cast their ballots for Clinton.

The stakes were raised by Clinton and her progressive allies in the media with the resurfacing of white supremacist David Duke. Similar coverage was lacking when the Communist Party USA endorsed Clinton. To focus on a fringe character such as Duke is another subtle media signal to the college-educated voter to steer clear of Trump, lest one be tarred with a “racist” social stigma.

We need only reflect upon what is at stake in this election to gird ourselves against the mainstream media’s continuous onslaught of progressive attacks on Trump. College-educated voters should reflect upon the prospect of an increasingly intrusive liberal wing of the Supreme Court, which may achieve a super majority through Clinton appointments. They could serve 20 to 30 years on the court, far beyond the tenure of a Clinton or Trump presidency. That is a truly sobering notion to Americans of all educational levels.

Michael Bertolone, of Rochester, holds a master’s degree in human resource development.

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