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Team North America makes dazzling debut at World Cup of Hockey

The North America World Cup of Hockey team debuted their talent both Sept. 18 and 19 against Finland and Russia – easily taking one win and one aggressive lead despite a loss in the end.

With five No. 1 picks on only one roster, the brand-new team seems to outskate nearly every opponent they face.

From the first goal of Team North America’s World Cup opener, you could tell these players – some still teenagers – will run the upcoming NHL season.

Assists from Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid - the reigning No. 1 draft picks - definitely riled up the Toronto crowd. However, the finishing goal from the Sabres Jack Eichel overjoyed Buffalo fans everywhere and increased anticipation for the National Hockey League season just three weeks away.

Throughout both games, even with one loss, the Finland and Russia teams had trouble keeping up. Each generation seems to only gain speed and skill, especially when comparing North America to the USA team, which suffered two huge losses against Europe and Canada.

When the new team was announced this summer, skeptics criticized the idea of publicizing these younger players. But North America has done nothing but prove critics wrong and give them a real team to be proud of (sorry, USA).

So think next time before you criticize millennials – they could win you the World Cup.

Maya Westcott is a senior at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart.

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