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Do you live in a Ford or Chevy town?

Do you live in a Ford or Chevy town?

(Hint: If you're in Amherst, it's neither. You probably parked a Toyota in your garage.)

But across the rest of Erie County, the allegiances seem clear in many towns - Ford or Chevrolet.

Search our database for your town or city. Or search by make to see the most popular car brands in your community.


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Hamburg is a Ford town. And why not? The town's home to the Ford Motor Co.'s Woodlawn stamping plant. There are more than 8,400 registered Fords in Hamburg, compared to some 6,600 Chevrolets.


And Tonawanda? It's a Chevy town, of course. The General Motors plant there has been building engines for Chevrolets for decades.

But it's a close call in other places. West Seneca has 6,375 registered Chevrolets and 6,119 Fords. In Elma, there are 1,689 Fords and 1,554 Chevrolets.

The vehicle registration data comes from New York State. The state updated the data in July. Registrations expired more than two years are excluded. But revoked or suspended registrations are included in the count, because even scofflaws can be loyal to their car brand.

One-fourth of the vehicles are either 2014, 2015, or 2016 models. But the data also includes 580 vehicles made in the 1930s.

Many Ford and Chevy owners agree on one thing: color. Most of them are driving gray vehicles. Gray has been the top color for Fords and Chevrolets for nine of the past 10 years. The only exception: Erie County car owners registered more black Chevrolets in 2012 than gray models.

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