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Letter: Strong leader is needed to scrap liberal policies

Strong leader is needed to scrap liberal policies

Ever since the Obama administration took over the White House, it has been using an apologetic referendum in its foreign policy dealings to deliver on a campaign promise to bring troops home. This administration pulled troops from Afghanistan against military generals’ advice and opened up the floodgates for ISIS to grow from JV, as President Obama described it, to a full-blown terrorist organization.

Tiptoeing around this dilemma and refusing to call it by name, it’s now time for Obama to hand the baton to an ill-advised Hillary Clinton to continue to masquerade this organization with her political rhetoric that will fall on deaf ears. Time is of the essence and serious action is needed here and abroad. Just like Obama drawing the line in the sand in Syria, only to get it kicked in his face, we need a stronger leader.

While many countries face turmoil and our country is forced to accept foreign cultures that are not conducive to our own Constitution, and borders are not protected, we have to step away from these liberal policies of the Democratic Party or be ready to meet our demise.

Anthony Hammill


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