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Letter: Pigeon, Ciminelli are being treated unfairly

Pigeon, Ciminelli are being treated unfairly

Anyone can be accused of any crime by anyone at any time. An accusation can be leveled with no admissible evidence, and accusations often evaporate or lead to acquittals. The Sept. 23 News article titled “Major misdeeds in New York State” does an injustice to two people who have not been convicted of anything. To group G. Steven Pigeon and Louis Ciminelli in with the eight felony convicts is unfair, inaccurate and likely to taint a jury pool.

In the case of Pigeon, he has been accused of a crime by indictment. He hasn’t been convicted of anything, and he is entitled to a fair trial by an impartial jury. Ciminelli hasn’t even been indicted. He is only named in a complaint by a junior U.S. Department of Justice investigator.

Whether these folks are innocent or guilty has yet to be determined. To sweep them into the category of convicts deprives them of their right to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As an organization that lives and breathes under the umbrella of the First Amendment, The News should respect the constitutional rights of others.

Steve Cohen


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