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Letter: Citizens should embrace the power voting affords

Citizens should embrace the power voting affords

I was privileged to work as an election inspector during the 2008 presidential race. Back then, we voted on the old machines. The busy day was punctuated by the raucous noise of the privacy curtains and the muscular clicks of the levers pulled to register the votes.

Parents took pictures of their families in the voting booths on that historic day; the excitement was palpable. But what impressed me most were the young people of color who were voting for the first time. They got directions. Then: “rip’” as the curtain closed. One distinctive click, then “rip” as the curtain opened. They were present to cast one vote, and one vote only. It worked: Those votes changed history in a big way.

Eight years later, I worry about how many young people are planning to help us choose our next president. Please, do come and vote on Nov. 8. Be sure you’re registered at your current address; contact the Board of Elections.

There are no voting machines anymore. We fill out paper ballots and feed them through secure scanners. But don’t just fill in one bubble. Become informed about all of the candidates. If it seems like too much, ask for guidance from someone you respect. Talk to your parents and other adults about voting; encourage them to vote.

All citizens need to participate. Plan to vote this year, and every year. Brandish your voter registration card like the powerful weapon it is, and your voice will be heard.

Susan Peters


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